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Captivate every visitor through multiple-platforms

Responsive Multi-Platform
Web Store Design

Every single page is adaptive to fit on multiple devices to provide each customer with a truly optimised shopping experience.

We use a minimalist design philosophy to ensure each customer is focussed on the shopping experience to get through the process as fast as possible.

Web Store Design
Web Store Design

Increase the reach of your physical footprint

Turn every device into your POS system & every location your retail space

Turn every mobile device into your own eCommerce website to reach beyond the limitations of your physical footprint to neighbourhoods and communities that were previously ‘unreachable’. 

Increase Conversions With Pop Up Promotions

Dynamically Triggered Content

Preset triggers can be programmed to present relevant information based upon variables to retain customers or convert visitors to buy. Here is a peek into some of these variables:

  • When a customer lands on a certain page or all pages
  • After predefined number of seconds after a customer lands on a page
  • After a customer scrolls to a defined percentage of the page length
  • Based on a specific click
  • Based on inactivity
  • Based on visitor’s attempt to leave site
  • When arriving from a specific external promotional link and more
Web Store Design

Rank high in search engine results

Search Engine Optimisation

We strategically select keywords in order to rank high on Search Engine Results Page (SERP). We then craft the copy for the meta description and meta title to catch the attention of Search Engines as well as to engage with users to convert searches into clicks.

The featured image is intentionally selected so that the company’s branding and copy is consistent whenever and wherever a link is shared. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter will pickup these key data points to automatically generate media for a posts. The same occurs on Chat Applications such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger and more.

DigitalVillage Drive+

Premium features and services


No one drives blind. Driving an online business is no different. Having detail analytics empowers you to make critical business decisions from a macro and micro level and how those decisions impact the business in real-time.

Effective Data Reports

We can provide key data indicators at set intervals to help you keep a finger on the pulse of your business and even automate marketing triggers to connect with customers with preset campaigns based on that data.

EDM Integration

Connecting with your customers and fans is fundamental to any business. Integrate with major Electronic Direct Mail services such as Mail Chimp, OptinMonster, MailPoet or the like.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO ensures that your web store isn't just found and ranked high by major search engines, but compels visitors to action by presenting relevant information that they are looking for.

Traffic Generation

Your business is only as good as there are visitors. By content building and managing your various social media streams, you will see an ever increasing stream of visitors to your store online and off.

Social Login

Optimise user-experience with social logins. Customers can create accounts with two simple clicks, negating the need to remember usernames and passwords.

Conversion Copywriting

Price is just a number. It is copy that significantly increases the perceived value of a product or service to reveal that customers will get much more than what they are paying for. Thereby, compelling them to action.

Word Of Mouth Marketing

Only 25% of people buy into advertisements, but 92% believe recommendations from their friends and they are 4X more likely to buy. Your growth is based not just on your present clientele but the myriads who are connected with them.

Push Notifications

Optimise your brand awareness and traffic through their browsers even though they are not on your website with notifications of promotions, updates and announcements.

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Retail-Driven Design Elements That Are Customer-Centric

Vital information on every page

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Easy navigation to all food

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Prominent order button

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Convenient link to checkout

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Link to customer service so customers can always find help when they need it.

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A user-Friendly Shopping Experience

Product Catalogue Features That Optimise Conversions

Products can be filtered by subcategory, which reduces the number of scrolling in a mobile phone platform.

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Our of stock indicators reveal products that are not available. Alternately the system can be programmed to hide products that are not in stock.

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One click add to cart button. Conversion rates are increased by reducing the number of clicks during shopping.

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Icons help customers make a faster selection. The UX (user experience) is critical in preventing shoppers from leaving the site.

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minimalist Design For Quick Checkout

Single Product Listing Features That Optimise Conversions

Image magnification to view image details.

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Shop by variation.

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Visitors can easily share the product on Social Media which draws traffic to the site.

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A list of products that are generated dynamically to reveal top selling products in the store to encourage shoppers to add more items into their cart.

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Delivery By Date, Time & Outlet

A discount code can be activated here

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Customers can select pickup or delivery 

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Shop by variation.

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Delivery date and location selection

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Customers can choose to deliver to an alternate address, like to an office or to a friend. 

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Optimising customers user experience

Customer's Account Page

Welcome to the customer’s account page. The stored information from the initial purchase allows for return customers to checkout without having to enter their details again. 

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Customers can access their purchase history, edit their billing or delivery address.

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